Saturday, 6 August 2011

Animal Kingdom Stay - Recap Part 2

We walked around an explored the vast resort. We had a reservation to Boma later in the evening, and we wanted to take a quick visit to the pool. These were the photos we took en route to the pool!
The beautiful bridge - this is where my best friend had her wedding 'first look on'! Its located in the lobby, right near the windows! I was really excited to see this, just to know how it's been used to be a special part of someones wedding day!

Just outside the lobby is a small area where there is this fire pit! I had heard lots of people talk about it before, and I couldnt wait to see it at night! Its so cosy! (Can you imagine sitting there on a chilly night? Too cute!)

Another fire pit, only indoors!

These are little relaxing viewing areas, with rocking chairs! They are nice and secluded if you need a little quiet time!

Where we would be eating that night!

The walkway to the pool & the food court - this is Jiko on the right

The pool. Ahh.

Walking down to Boma, the first level you will get to is the bar area, this is called Victoria Falls. And I fell in love with Victoria Falls.

And this is why I fell in love. Please meet the Key Lime Coconut Martini. She will be your bestest friend. TO.DIE.FOR.

Our server came over with this cute celebration cake for hubby! 

We headed back to the room and hubby opened up his special deliveries from friends and family that had sent him for his birthday! First up, Champagne on the balcony! Oh, and I got two packets of Zebra Domes to pick on. Oh my goodness, how AMAZING are these? Little bites of heaven and TOTALLY addictive! 

Second gift was from a dear friend, who sent hubby a HUGE gift basket. SO good. 

POST partying. A long day was over! 

Next up, I will be sharing photos from around the parks :) 

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